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5 Reasons Traders Love META 1 Coin

5 Reasons Traders Love META 1 Coin

Crypto traders have to be ahead of the trends if they want to secure profits in 2022. META 1 is a project that continues to raise eyebrows across the market due to its unique combination of features and the fact that it’s the first gold-related, self-appreciating stablecoin to enter service. Here are some of the top reasons why traders continue to flock to META 1 Coin to drive profits.

Easy to Use

One of the primary reasons why new traders find META 1 so helpful is its simplistic design. The developers wanted to ensure that anyone could use the platform so they made the interface very easy to navigate. You can find all the best features and see important data such as your balance and transaction history at a glance.

Another major advantage of META 1 is its simple onboarding process. The platform integrates the Onramper portal which makes it easy for you to convert +50 fiat currencies into META 1 coins in seconds. META 1 is an open protocol that has no gatekeepers. In this way, anyone from anywhere can join the network and take advantage of its wealth generation strategies.

Responsive Experience

When you’re trading, it’s all about responsiveness. You need to be able to read the market and make trades at the proper moment to profit. Notably, the META DEX (decentralized exchange) provides users top-notch performance and security. The platform operates in a non-custodial manner which means your crypto stays safely in your wallet until your trade executes. Non-custodial exchanges are more secure than CEXs (centralized exchanges) because they don’t hold large wallets with millions in users holdings.

DeFi Rewards

Nowadays, if you want to get the most from your trading experience it’s wise to consider DeFi features. META 1 offers traders access to low-risk staking protocols. Staking requires you to lock your cryptocurrency into a network smart contract. It’s optimal for new users because it requires very little research and you don’t have to risk losing your assets.

When you stake on the METANOMICs protocol, your rewards are paid out in META 1 coins. This strategy creates a wealth generation system as the new coins can also be staked. The more you stake and the higher your rewards. In this way, you can put your coins to work creating profits from day one.


Another unique feature of the protocol is the META BANK. This DeFi service enables you to open digital savings accounts for your META 1 Coins. These high-yield accounts pay out 10% APY which is way more than the average for fiat savings accounts (0.03%). The META BANK falls in line with the protocol’s open enrollment strategy. There are no KYC requirements or gatekeepers to prevent you from joining.

It’s all About Stability

META 1 is the most advanced stablecoin to hit the market to date. The token takes the concept of stability and improves upon earlier versions such as USDT. Unlike these fiat-backed tokens, META 1 is pegged to a basket of gold-related assets. This strategy makes the token more resistant to inflation. Currently, all the fiat-backed stablecoins are suffering from a loss of buying power due to bad monetary policy. META 1 users never have these issues.

HODLers Welcome

The gold-related assets that back META 1 are self appreciating. As time goes by, their value is set to increase. As these reserves go up in value, the META 1 Coin also appreciates. On top of the value growth achieved by appreciation, the network employs some value locking mechanisms. The protocol prevents traders from dumping their bags. All META 1 Coins must trade for a minimum of token value.

Keep it Decentralized

Decentralization was a primary concern for the META 1 development team. The project’s founder, Robert P. Dunlap, wanted to ensure that the protocol was safe from central powers. He decided the best way to accomplish this task was to prevent non-humans from owning META 1 coins. No corporations, trading firms, or even governments can hold or trade META 1 Coins. These systems make META 1 one of the most decentralized projects available today.


One of the main roadblocks to crypto adoption in the past was a lack of ways to spend your crypto. Vendors have been slow to adopt crypto payments. As such, most crypto users must convert their tokens to fiat currency if they want to actually spend it. META 1 eliminates this problem with the introduction of a crypto VISA Debit card.

This card enables you to spend your META 1 Coins anywhere that accepts VISA. The card is set up to convert the exact amount of your payment from META 1 to the fiat of your choice when you swipe the card. The system accomplishes these actions in seconds and the vendor is unaware of anything different because they receive fiat currency.

It’s More than Crypto

Another major reason why traders got to respect the META 1 project is the fact that it was born out of a desire to empower users. The project took inspiration from freedom fighters. At its core, META 1 intends to create a community of like-minded individuals. These are people that believe financial freedom is a basic human right and everyone deserves access to the tools to achieve this goal.

So Many Reasons to Join

These are just a few of the countless reasons that traders love META 1. It’s been a while since a project has inspired such a response in the market. The protocol combines the top DeFi features, with a high-performance blockchain, DEX, and self-appreciating stablecoin. Anyone can use these services and further their crypto trading strategy without delay.

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