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Barnbridge (BOND) vs META 1 Coin – Crypto Hedge Token vs Next-Gen Stablecoin

Barnbridge (BOND) and META 1 Coin are two thriving projects that provide users access to new opportunities in the market. Both of these protocols utilize new technologies to reduce risk. Here’s some valuable insight into Barnbridge (BOND) vs META 1 and how each of these networks benefits the average crypto user.

What is Barnbridge (BOND)?

Barnbridge operates as a decentralized risk protocol. The network introduces a variety of tools for risk mitigation. Users can tokenize and normalize risk through the use of a crypto hedge token. Barnbridge users can also create and trade cross-platform derivatives protocols for all fluctuations. 

What is META 1 Coin?

The META 1 Coin is the first multi-asset-backed self-appreciating stablecoin to hit the market. This third-gen token integrates a variety of advancements and some proprietary technology to create a new level of stability. META 1 Coins derive value from a basket of gold-related assets, rather than fiat currency. As such, META 1 token holders gain an extra layer of protection against inflation.

META 1 Coin holders enjoy true decentralization. The network introduces a human verification process to ensure all token holders are individuals and not corporations or hedge funds. This strategy prevents firms from buying up all the META 1 Coins and centralizing the ecosystem. Even governments are forbidden from owning META 1 Coins. In this way, META 1 stays true to its goal to become the “people’s coin“.

What Problems was Barnbridge (BOND) Built to Alleviate?

Barnbridge provides users with some unique opportunities such as the ability to hedge yield sensitivity and market price. The primary problem Barnbridge tackles is risk exposure. It accomplishes this task by enabling users to break digital assets and digital asset yield sensitivity into separate, dollar-denominated tranches. Users can then build derivatives using these tranches.

This approach helps to reduce volatility for token holders. Volatility has long been a major concern for the crypto community. Bardbridge’s unique approach provides stability and flattens the risk levels associated with cryptocurrencies. As such, users can create tokens that encompass different risk levels and use these assets to hedge against yield sensitivity and price volatility.

What Problems was META 1 Coin Built to Alleviate?

The META 1 Coin focuses on helping users escape the rat race. It eliminates all the inefficiencies of the centralized financial system and replaces them with decentralized protocols. META 1 users enjoy higher rewards and more transparency. To put the level of rewards into perspective, META 1 pays 10% APY to its savings account users. Your local bank pays you 0.03% on your fiat holdings.

META 1’s purpose becomes more obvious the deeper you delve into its combination of features. The network was designed to provide users access to real wealth management tools. Anyone from anywhere can gain access to passive income streams using the METANOMICs ecosystem.

The META 1 Coin provides a stable launching point for users to build wealth with. You can trade, buy, sell, and stake this token. Notably, the META Exchange supports high transaction throughput on par with the world’s top stock exchanges. This scalability is the result of the technical structure of the META blockchain.

How Does Barnbridge (BOND) Work?

Barnbridge enables users to pull yield from multiple protocols and tranche them into higher and lower yield groups. The yield from these groups gets bundled up into different tranches and tokenized. This process requires users to pool collateral and deposit it into lending protocols or yield generating contracts.

Oracles play a vital role in Banbridge’s model. An oracle is an off-chain sensor. They are used to communicate data to and from blockchain networks. The Barnbridge oracles determine the price of the staked assets. This process requires the oracle to review the price during multiple periods.

Users can access special Smart Bonds on Barnbridge. These digital assets enable you to access debt pools on other decentralized finance networks. Smart Bonds are flexible in nature. Users can create multiple assets within a single debt pool with varying risk versus return characteristics.

Barnbridge’s developers also introduced the concept of SMART Yield to the market. These assets operate as crypto bonds that provide varying levels of risk exposure. Notably, you can stake these bonds to secure passive rewards without relinquishing ownership of your digital assets. The system also supports passive rebalancing and other advanced features.

BOND is the main utility and governance token of the network. BOND lives on the Ethereum blockchain and is ERC-20 compliant. Users must hold BOND to use the services and features of the platform. BOND holders can also vote on network upgrades and other vital changes such as fee structure and token issuances.

How Does META 1 Coin Work?

The META 1 Coin represents the foundation of the larger METANOMICs DeFi ecosystem. This network includes a stablecoin, DEX, DeFi features, a fiat onramp, and a VISA Debit Card. Together, these services make it simple for anyone to enter the METANOMICs network, earn profits, and spend their crypto anywhere that accepts VISA.

The first thing to notice is that META 1 is completely open. The network has no gatekeepers to deny users access to its powerful features. There are few ways to obtain META 1 Coins. The easiest way is using the platform’s Onramper fiat portal. This feature supports +50 fiat currencies in +100 countries. There are also multiple CEXs listing META 1 Coins in the coming weeks.

Once you hold META 1, you can secure ROIs in multiple ways. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this task is through the staking and savings features. Both of these services provide passive income with minimal risk. Additionally, there are appreciation profits earned by users simply for holding the token.

META 1 Coin holders enjoy a seamless integration into the financial system. They can spend their META 1 Coins anywhere that accepts VISA credit cards. The network’s VISA card automatically converts your crypto to fiat the moment you swipe the card. The vendor receives fiat currency and is unaware that you paid with cryptocurrency. Together these features make META 1 a great way to generate wealth and spread blockchain adoption.

Barnbridge (BOND) vs META 1 Coin – Different End of the Same Road

Barnbridge focuses on experienced crypto users who have the ability to accurately access debt and then create tokens to minimize risk. Reversely, META 1 was designed from the ground up to be as simple as possible. Both platforms provide investors with some cool features. However, META 1 Coin is better shielded from centralized regulatory pushback as its located outside of these organizations’ jurisdiction. For this reason and many more, META 1 Coin beats out Barnbridge for the average user.

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