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META 1 Coin Report: Gold-backed Seeing Steady Rise in Demand

When it comes to the cryptocurrency space, many will first think Bitcoin. That should come as little surprise considering Bitcoin is the granddaddy of the roughly 4,000 cryptos that have been created since Bitcoin’s debut.

As the number of cryptos to choose from continues to grow, there are some that are becoming more popular at a faster pace. Those are the cryptos that are backed by gold. The crypto space is especially seeing an uptick in interest in stable coins that are backed by gold.

In this piece, we will delve into the reasons gold-backed cryptos are attractive. We will also discuss the pros and cons of gold-backed crypto.

The Rise of Gold-backed Cryptos

The crypto space is seeing a rise in gold-backed tokens largely due to demand. Potential and existing traders and investors are attracted to them due to the many advantages these tokens offer.

You’ve likely heard that cryptos don’t have enough intrinsic value to make them attractive. However, keep in mind that gold does have intrinsic value. Therefore, cryptos like META 1’s that are gold-backed gives them an edge.

Another positive for cryptos backed by gold relates to volatility. Digital assets tend to be highly volatile, with their values moving considerably higher or lower suddenly. That’s not the case with gold.

Then there is the matter of inflation. Gold’s low level of volatility that is not subject to the inflation of fiat currencies also makes them attractive as a crypto backer.

META 1 Coin is secured by a reserve that includes gold assets, along with a combination of other above-ground and in-ground assets. These resources are assigned to the digital coin using smart contracts. The gold assets that back META 1 Coin provide optimum stability.

Gold also provides a high level of scalability because it easy for it to assigned to digital coins. Depending on the market’s response, the META 1 Coin may experience periods of sharp upward increases in value.

What’s In Your Wallet?

Gold-backed cryptocurrencies have characteristics that are the same as digital assets.

Gold-based cryptos are simply digital assets whose values are tied to the value of gold. Some crypto players have likened these cryptos to stablecoins. That’s because stablecoins are also tied to something, and that is typically the value of one or a basket of fiat currencies.

An interesting question was posed on blog post that relates to the history of gold’s value and use as currency and currency backing.

The question:

“…why not cut out the fiat currency middleman and directly back cryptocurrency with gold reserves? A scenario like this will have healthy, anti-inflationary and anti-volatility properties, while also maintaining the typical Blockchain advantages of being borderless, fast, cheap and transparent.”

Enter META 1

META 1’s creators were determined to provide what they deemed as “a liberating platform” people could use to complete their crypto transactions. META 1’s team believes that humans have needed a liberating platform to transact and convey commercially.

META 1 now boasts that its META 1 Gold Assets are appreciating via high-yield trade investments are not based on gold spot price. This contributes to the outfit’s competitive advantage.

The META 1 team created the META 1 Coin Trust as part of its entrance into the crypto space and settled on gold to back their coin. The META 1 Coin Trust places gold assets in low-risk high-yield trading platforms that can produce a monthly cash flow. This cash flow will be integrated with META 1 Coin via the Appreciation Smart Contract.

As part of its quest to be a force to be reckoned with in the crypto space, the META 1 team set out to create the first of its kind Appreciating Stable Coin. The team able to make this history and stand out in the crowd by creating a coin that has an asset value and a market value. The coin can never be sold for below the current asset value.

The outfit’s resources are assigned to the digital coin using smart contracts. The gold assets that back the META 1 Coin are meant to provide optimum stability.

The META 1 team’s goal is to hit monthly returns of four percent to six percent. This will be added to the Coin Appreciation Smart Contract that will allocate the monthly increase in assets to all META 1 Coins, increasing values accordingly.

In its Whitepaper, META 1 states that it does not track gold spot prices since it has more growth.

“As monthly trading income will be assigned to META 1 Coin, value appreciation will occur independently of gold prices and will be calculated based on META Investment Bank’s capabilities and returns.” – META 1 Whitepaper

In Conclusion

As noted above, META 1 is positioning itself to be a force to be reckoned with in the crypto space. Choosing gold to back its coin as demand for the commodity has been key.

Crypto observers largely agree that gold is the way to go when it comes to the ideal commodity to back these fledgling investment and trading vehicles.

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