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How to Create a Wealth Generation Loop Using META1

How to Create a Wealth Generation Loop Using META1

When it comes to generating wealth, you need to have a solid plan and the right tools to complete your mission. There are endless ways to build wealth, however, not all paths are equal. For example, you are more likely to see success when you incorporate passive income into your strategy. Here’s how you can create a wealth generation loop using the META1 stablecoin.

What is a Wealth Generation Loop

A wealth generation loop is a system that creates profits that can then be reinvested into the same system. The new profits increase your primary investment capital which in turn, drives your returns higher. In the past, it could be difficult for the average user to accomplish this task in a meaningful way.

For example, your bank account is technically a wealth generation loop, albeit a horrible one. You save your fiat currency with your bank. They pay you interest based on the amount of fiat you keep in your account. This interest is paid out in fiat and deposits directly into your account. These actions build up your primary investment.

The main problem with this system isn’t its mechanics but how low the APY is on bank accounts. The average US bank account only pays out 0.03% APY on your holdings. This rate is so small that even if you never touched your earnings, you would still see very little wealth generation. Additionally, fiat currency is subject to inflation, which further drops the effectiveness of this strategy.

How META1 Coin Changes Everything

The META1 Coin changes the game for those seeking a better way to improve their holdings. Unlike fiat currency that is subject to crushing inflation, META1 is self appreciating. To accomplish this task, the developers needed to take a unique approach. The developers decided to do away with the fiat-pegged stablecoin strategy.

Instead, the token leverages the benefits of gold and a basket of related assets to provide users with more stability and better store of value characteristics. There are some major benefits to this approach. For one, gold has proven to be a solid store of value of the last thousand years. However, gold is not realistic for day to day transactions. For one, it’s heavy and expensive to store. Recognizing these limitations, gold-pegged stablecoin provide a more open and convenient approach.

The developers behind the META1 project understood that stability is one of the pillars of wealth generation. It’s nearly impossible to gather assets in a meaningful manner if those assets are designed to depreciate in value over time. META1 eliminates the problems fiat currency users deal with on all levels.

The People Need a Fair and Transparent Alternative

The META1 Coin does more than provide stability to users, it also integrates some valuable user protections to keep you safe. One of the biggest problems faced by traders in the market is volatility. This issue is non-relevant to META1 Coin users due to its underlying assets. Additionally, the project was the first to introduce some additional protections in the form of smart contracts.

Specifically, the network ensures your holdings remain valuable through the use of the smart contract 6.  This unique coding prevents large token holders from dumping their bags on the market. The system can prevent these large scale dumps by requiring token holders to sell their tokens for a minimum token value. This approach helps to prevent sudden price drops from the sale of tokens by whales.

This strategy is effective but works best when combined with additional anti-whale manipulation strategies. One such method employed by META1 is the prevention of corporations and firms from holding META1 Coins. The developers felt it was necessary to prevent any entity that is not an individual from holding or trading META1 Coins. This approach is effective because it’s exactly these firms that drive centralization.

Governments and corporations are notorious for buying up large amounts of cryptocurrencies with the goal of taking over control of the network. This technique has become more of an issue as the DeFi sector embraces community governance systems. In the past, you would have corporations come in and attempt to garner enough tokens to have the majority vote. Thankfully, META1 eliminates this issue forever with its humans-only smart contract.

Time to Build Wealth

Once you have a stable asset to build wealth with, you are ready to start gaining momentum. In the METANOMICs universe it’s simple to begin this process. There are multiple ways to secure passive income using META1. One of the best and easiest ways to accomplish this task is to open a savings account.

Unlike you local bank, META1 Coin holders can secure 10% APY when they hold their tokens in a network savings account. This APY is better than the staking rewards offered by other platforms. Additionally, your META1 Coin rewards are paid out in the same account which enables you to use them to secure even more rewards. Since you never have to relinquish ownership of your digital assets, this system is a perfect way to generate wealth with low risk.

You can also stake your META1 Coins to create another wealth generation loop. Staking is a great way to earn consistent returns without the risk of losing your assets. DeFi staking is one of the top features in the market today and for good reason. For one, it’s very low risk. You don’t need to spend weeks researching market conditions like trading to be successful in your venture

The actual act of staking requires you to lock your cryptocurrency into a smart contract. Staking rewards increase when you stake more tokens. As such, you can use a staking calculator to see exactly what your returns will be using this method. Like the META1 savings account, your rewards come in the form of META1 that can then be used to drive your future profits higher.

The Perfect Combo

META1 users can take their tokens and earn in multiple ways. Both of the methods listed provide you with low risk high return options that are sure to help drive your wealth generation strategy to the next level. The advantages that the META1 Coin brings to the market are too much to ignore. As such, you can expect to see this project continue to spark interest as more users learn of its benefits.

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