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META 1 Coin Report: Square Aims to Take Crypto Mainstream

Square, the digital payments company owned by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has been very active in promoting cryptocurrency in recent years. It launched Square Crypto, the digital currency arm of Square, recently announced that the company bought $50 million worth of Bitcoin, and just decided to give a developer grant for a project making crypto wallets more user-friendly and palatable to digital currency newcomers.

The rationale behind the grant project is that the main reason people don’t use digital currency or wallets is due to their complexity and use of technical jargon. The User Interface (UI) for crypto wallets is often nowhere near as inviting as an average mobile banking app on one’s smartphone. Designing a crypto wallet that is geared for newcomers to the world of crypto is crucial for expanding user adoption.

It certainly seems like we are on the cusp of major opportunity. The success and growth of cryptocurrencies, including META 1 Coin, has been incredible thus far with the rather limited segment of the total population participating. One can quickly calculate the potentially substantial growth in value and coin price as user adoption expands and greater liquidity enters crypto markets.

In the early years of crypto, there were many skeptics and naysayers who remained on the sidelines, shying away from buying crypto coins. They discouraged others from buying crypto as well, during those times of sharp volatility. As values rose, they convinced themselves that they were right to stay out of this untested market, since it would eventually fall. And yet, the years passed, values rose to dizzying heights and now the voices of optimism are loudest.

Today, mainstream players in finance, long term investing, as well as day trading swear by crypto as a solid investment vehicle. It’s not a question of whether or not crypto will become mainstream – but when. Seeing large, established companies like Square boldly embrace and encourage others to join the crypto community is truly inspiring. The potential abundance that awaits Humanity with coins like META 1 Coin is unlimited.

We are truly grateful to be leading the cause of freeing people from the chains of debt and depreciation to experiencing freedom and wealth accumulation. META 1 Coin Trust is a company that is welcomes “competition” to make life better for people through wider adoption of cryptocurrency. We applaud the efforts of Square Crypto and others to develop better UI and design to make crypto wallets easier to use.

META 1 has also made great strides in developing user friendly interfaces for our systems. We encourage you to become a part of the META 1 Coin community today to experience the ease of our systems and begin your path toward true freedom for yourself.

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