META 1 Coin Reports

META 1 Coin Report: An Explanation of METANOMICS

META 1 Coin is one component among a full suite of offerings from META 1 Coin Trust. We have termed our complete financial ecosystem METANOMICS, which includes META 1 Coin, META Exchange and META Investment Bank. To get a better understanding of these offerings, the following is an overview about each aspect and the elements that comprise them.

META 1 Coin

We acquire a diverse mix of gold, among other assets, and assign them as security for the Private Digital Currency named META 1 Coin. The security of assets is always a top priority, so META 1 Coin is supported by most popular and secure hardware wallets.

META Exchange

META 1 has also developed the META Exchange, a Decentralized Asset Exchange that is a fast and fluid trading platform. META 1 Coin is the default currency of the META Exchange.

In addition to being decentralized, META Exchange provides a high-performance experience with a professional trading platform. It can handle the trading volume of the NASDAQ while settling orders instantly. META Exchange is a full-service platform providing the ability to purchase and sell major crypto and fiat currencies. The Exchange is integrated with the gateways of all major crypto markets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite Coin, EOS and many others to instill market liquidity.

META Exchange can be used by anyone wishing to trade one digital asset for any other. The Exchange includes charts, a trading interface for buying and selling, and a dashboard to see account information. Also, the Exchange has explorer functionality providing real-time transaction data.

META Exchange also provides the necessary support modules for META Trader 5, a powerful platform for Forex and Exchange markets. This enables other trading platforms to operate on the META Exchange.

META Investment Bank

Complementing the Exchange, META Investment Bank is a Private Bank with an array of supporting bank charters. It operates from diverse jurisdictions that enable the unencumbered conduct of transactions in digital currencies. META Investment Bank conducts transactions with fiat currencies, including the US Dollar, for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. The Bank can receive and send unlimited amounts of fiat currencies, thus ensuring adequate liquidity to the marketplace. META Investment Bank is the bridge between the legacy banking system and the evolutionary blockchain banking system of the future.

The META Investment Bank customer portal has all the functionality of traditional online banking. In addition, the client interface provides the ability to buy, sell, and trade META 1 Coin and other digital assets. Also, users can send and receive digital assets to and from anyone, anywhere in the world nearly instantaneously.

META Exchange and META Investment Bank account holders have access to the META Card, which functions as a typical debit card. Account holders can exchange cryptocurrencies to US Dollars and/or Euros in real-time to make non-crypto purchases. This provides immediate liquidity for major currencies. Account holders have access to a secure application for smartphones that ensures use of funds in a dynamic fiat-crypto multi-currency economy.

META 1 Coin Trust is the publisher of all required systems and wholly owns all source code for the complete Private Digital Currency ecosystem that includes the wallet, coin, exchange and point of sale applications. In-house resources have developed all software. Strategically controlling all aspects of the system at the most granular level of the source code allows META 1 Coin Trust to continue the innovation and proper administration of the blockchain, exchange, and all future system requirements. This ensures scalability, adaptability and most importantly transparency. META 1 Coin Trust does not have any dependencies on any third parties and systems persist with continuous performance in a very dynamic environment.

META 1 Coin is a currency for the enlightened. It is a currency which signifies freedom and abundance. We believe that the market is ready for a currency based on Truth, Freedom, and Abundance versus the current U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve option of debt slavery. It is also our belief that this model is scalable and sustainable. This currency provides a way to transition from a system of depreciation to a system of appreciation. METANOMICS, a financial ecosystem of appreciation, has the infrastructure in place to support an abundance-based economy.

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