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Holo (HOT) vs META 1 Coin – A Business Blockchain vs the People’s Crypto

As the programmable blockchain race heats up, it’s important to understand the critical differences between interesting projects in the market. HOT and META 1 Coin are two cryptos that continue to see rising adoption. Both of these networks support Dapp development. However, they operate at different ends of the market. Here’s what makes these platforms so popular and how they differ in their strategy and technical structures.

What is Holo (HOT)?

Holo is a decentralized architecture that leverages an open-source framework. Developers can create all types of decentralized networks using the platform. By simplifying the creation, launch, and maintenance of these networks, Holo is able to share the benefits of Dapps to anyone with internet access. 

What is META 1 Coin

META 1 Coin operates as an alternative to the current centralized banking system. The network was inspired by the great freedom fighters of the world. The project’s founder, Robert P. Dunlap felt compelled to do something to help people protect their wealth and future. The result of his work is the METANOMICS ecosystem.

The protocol combines a specially built, smart-contract programmable blockchain, with a next-generation stablecoin, and top DeFi features. Users can secure rewards and participate in both the decentralized economy via the META DEX and the traditional markets using the META VISA debit card. This approach helps with onboarding and expands the functionality of the META 1 Coin.

What Problems was Holo (HOT) Built to Alleviate?

Holo was not designed to operate like Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It was built to provide a way for developers to create decentralized networks more efficiently. The network simplifies core features and removes the technical barriers to blockchain creation. There are options such as consent-based permission controls that can save companies time and money.

Holo helps reduce a lack of transparency and accountability in the market. The network integrates features such as a cryptographic tag on all data that reveals who authored the information. This system enables a new level of peer accountability and auditing capabilities across DLT networks.

HOLO blockchain developers enjoy a balance between freedom and this accountability. Their networks have mutual sovereignty but leverage Holo’s scalability. They can create these networks using the open programming interfaces provided. These dashboards reduce development time considerably.

What Problems was META 1 Coin Built to Alleviate?

META 1 Coin comes from more than a desire to improve business profits. In fact, businesses and governments can’t even own META 1 Coins. The developers created this network to eliminate the need to always fall victim to the centralized financial system. In the current system, the regular user is preyed on and their earnings dwindled over time.

META 1 Coin introduces a monetary system built on value rather than debt. At the core of this approach is the innovative META 1 stable coin. This multi-asset-backed token is the first self-appreciating stablecoin to enter the market. The developers were able to achieve this monumental goal by integrating advanced value control smart contracts, anti-whale manipulation processes, and appreciating assets such as gold.

How Does Holo (HOT) Work?

Holochain enables individual source chains to communicate data. These networks can operate using independent nodes that are validated against each other. User-created applications called, DNA, include everything needed to operate these decentralized networks.

The data from these subchains gets stored on the source chain. This chain can also hold vital information such as Optional Membrane Proofs. These are the entry requirements for private blockchains. The network is flexible in this feature. You can have membrane proofs that are anything from invite codes to vouchers and more.

Every user runs a copy of the Holo application when operating on the network. This system leverages some advanced security measures to keep your network and data secure. For one, your identity and data remain on your personal device and can’t be accessed by Holo or other nodes without permission. Specifically, your data gets stored in your journal that requires a unique key

How Does META 1 Coin Work?

There are multiple aspects to the METANOMICs universe. The META 1 stablecoin provides the network with a secure and non-volatile way to access services and retain value. Users can take this coin and interact with the many features available. For example, there is a high yield savings account that pays out 20x your local bank’s savings account.

The network provides staking options that are low risk for DeFi users seeking familiar features. Staking is the most popular DeFi service currently. To stake coins, you need very little technical knowledge. You simply lock your coins in a smart contract for an agreed time in exchange for a preset amount of rewards. This approach is far easier than day trading for the average user.

The META 1 blockchain is the heart of the network. This fourth-generation blockchain integrates the most advanced consensus technology to provide users with transaction throughput on par with the top payment processors in the world, such as PayPal. Users can trade their META 1 Stable coins against other cryptocurrencies in a non-custodial manner using the platform’s DEX. They can also spend their META 1 Coins at all of their favorite retailers using the network’s VISA debit card.

Holo vs META 1 Coin – Different Frequencies in the Market

Holo provides a valuable service to the market. The platform simplifies the development and launch of enterprise blockchains. Businesses can save a lot when they leverage this network. On the flip side, META 1 is a project that stands alone due to its unique restrictions and offerings. The fact that the network doesn’t allow governments and businesses to own the coin makes it a true pioneer in the market. When you combine this feature with the self-appreciating stablecoin, it’s easy to see why META 1 continues to grow in popularity.

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