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Civic (CVC) vs META 1 Coin – Protect Your Identity and Your Wealth

Civic (CVC) and META 1 Coin are two very interesting projects in the market at this time. The platforms attempt to tackle some serious issues facing users, albeit in very different ways. Here are some key details so you can better understand the differences between Civic (CVC) vs META 1 Coin.

What is Civic (CVC)?

Civic operates as an Ethereum-based identity verification protocol. The network combines a decentralized structure with advanced AI to provide more secure business practices to the market. The Civic network launched in July 2017 and has seen considerable growth since its inception.

Part of the reason Civic continues to gain popularity is that it helps to eliminate bots. Bots are programs that are set up to execute commands on platforms by replicating users. They can skew stats, votes, and cause an imbalance in networks. Civic’s security checks ensure that no bots enter your network which keeps accuracy rates higher..

What is META 1 Coin?

META 1 Coin is the foundation of the METANOMICs DeFi network. This token enables anyone to gain access to passive income with minimal risk. META 1 represents an evolution in the crypto market. It’s the first self appreciating stable coin with built-in value locking mechanisms.

Unlike early attempts at making a stablecoin, META 1 derives value from a basket of gold-related assets rather than fiat currency. Since the token is pegged to more than just gold bullion, it enjoys more stability when the price of the precious metal drops. Additionally, the token’s value appreciates alongside the value of gold.

META 1 token holders avoid centralization and whale manipulation thanks to the integrations of two unique smart contracts. Smart contract 6 ensures that whales can’t dump their bags for under asset value. This system works in tandem with the network’s “human verification protocol” that ensures all investors are actual people and not large firms, corporations, or governments.

What Problems was Civic (CVC) Built to Alleviate?

The main issue that Civic (CVC) was designed to eliminate was data breaches. Research shows a steady increase in major data leaks throughout the market. Hackers have stolen billions of people’s personal identity over the last five years. Civic integrates advanced cryptography to eliminate data theft.

Civic’s concept is simple, stop sending vital data in the first place. Civic enables platforms to authenticate users without storing data. The system eliminates all personally identifiable information (PII) from the verification process. Users simply use the Civic system to verify their identity in a seamless manner.

Notably, Civic can be set up to meet the needs of a large selection of Dapps. The network supports full KYC & AML requirements with compliance tools for DeFi and public blockchains. Additionally, the developers comply with global anti-money laundering (AML) regulations as part of their -pro-active approach.

What Problems was META 1 Coin Built to Alleviate?

META 1 Coin’s Founder Robert P. Dunlap wanted to find a way to enable users to generate wealth outside of the corrupt centralized financial system. His goal was to empower users via a suite of decentralized tools and features. The METANOMICs ecosystem is the result of years of research into the core reasons why people are unable to achieve financial freedom.

The META 1 Coin was built from the ground up to provide regular users access to powerful investing tools in an open and decentralized manner. The protocol eliminates the middleman and removes all gatekeepers from the financial equation. Users can secure passive rewards by staking, saving, and through token appreciation.

Each of these methods creates wealth for users without the need to relinquish ownership of their assets. This strategy allows users to continually build on their profits and reinvest to improve their future ROIs. The network integrates a variety of unique features that improve investor onboarding as well including a fiat on-ramp and a crypto VISA card.

How Does Civic (CVC) Work?

Civic leverages the security of the Ethereum blockchain to support its AI-powered identity system. Notably, the system also has a human review process to add another layer of protection. Companies can verify their users directly on their website or app using the platform. Notably, Civic provides companies access to user onboarding that meets international compliance requirements.

To accomplish this task, Civic introduces a mobile Dapp. This system is extremely flexible. It’s set up to accept +4500 identity documents across 195 countries. It also uses phone and emails to verify users. For those seeking even more security, the platform supports full 3d face matching for photo verification. There’s also a “liveness detection” system.


The CVC token is how users interact with the network. Companies need to hold CVC tokens to set up their portals and access development features. Notably, CVC is an ERC-20 token. It can be traded on any Ethereum-based exchange and stored in popular wallets such as Meta Mask.

How Does META 1 Coin Work?

The META 1 Coin network provides users with easy access to today’s top DeFi features. To enter the network, you simply need to acquire META 1 Coins. There are multiple major exchanges listing the token in the next 60 days. Additionally, you can buy META 1 Coins directly from the network using the Onramper tools.

Once you possess META 1 Coins, you can trade your assets for other top cryptocurrencies using the META DEX. This non-custodial platform provides high performance and a non-custodial peer-to-peer trading experience. Notably, the META DEX achieves transaction throughput on par with the NASDAQ exchange due to the scalability of the META blockchain.

Users can stake or open a savings account to secure passive income in the METANOMICs system. Your profits can then be reinvested, traded, or spent like fiat currency using the network Crypto VISA debit card. This card enables you to spend your crypto anywhere that accepts VISA.

Civic (CVC) vs META 1 Coin – Protect Your ID and Your Future

A careful review of these two platforms and it’s easy to see that even though they differ in many aspects, they both provide crucial services to the market. Civic is well positioned due to the fact that data hacks are on the rise. Every day billions in data is lost. Whereas, META 1 Coin provides investors with a way to defend against the skewed nature of the centralized markets. For these reasons, both of these projects have great ROI potential.

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