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META 1 Coin Report: The Power of the Individual

META 1 Coin Trust firmly believes in the power of the individual – the Human – to achieve great things. We admire the heroism and achievements of special individuals from the Founding Fathers to modern-era giants like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Each person is capable of so much more than one can imagine and can experience abundance with the right tools.

Non-human entities, such as corporations and other institutions have long understood the value that individuals possess. For centuries, they have sought to exploit slave labor, cheap labor, and even salaried labor for their benefit. They have encouraged materialistic spending and the accumulation of depreciating debts to channel workers’ often meager wages back into their coffers, to keep labor reliant and dependent upon their financial masters.

Centralized systems of government, business and society enabled this system to flourish unchecked throughout history. It wasn’t until the rapid technological advancements of the Industrial Revolution and most recently the Internet Revolution that brought hope for a future with greater freedom and abundance for Humanity.

The advent of cryptocurrency and decentralized platforms represents the fulfillment of these prior evolutions in Human capital and personal development. META 1 Coin is the embodiment of this potential for equity, as it is a coin designed for the benefit of Humanity. META 1 enables average people to own a gold-backed digital coin that is coded with smart contracts that facilitate stable growth, thus offering a potentially better future regardless of one’s past.

Previously, the advantages of cryptocurrencies like META 1 were only enjoyed by the select few wealthy individuals who had resources and access to wealth-building tools and information. For example, it is known that billionaire hedge fund owners secretly meet for what are known as “idea dinners.” These informally structured dinners enable massive collusion in market actions that are usually focused on ways to mutually profit using the combined undue influence of their massive wealth.

The U.S. Justice Department was compelled to investigate idea dinners years ago that sought to drive down the value of the Euro which had been sinking already at the time, nearly forcing the nation of Greece into default. The government agency eventually closed their investigation with no action taken, since those dinner discussions were not deemed to be market manipulation nor coordination. In truth, government agencies and large private institutions have had a mutually beneficial relationship protecting each other’s small circles of influence throughout history.

And yet, the most recent surge in stock market volume by retail investors who are individual Humans profiting at the expense of large hedge funds’ losses, has led many in the mainstream financial media to recently call for government intervention by the SEC to examine potential market manipulation. This is akin to a schoolyard bully crying for a teacher’s help when those he bullied jointly confront him to exact revenge. The fervor became so loud that the SEC just issued a statement that it is monitoring the spike in market activity to quell the media’s fears of a market takeover by individual Humans. Since no rules have been broken there is nothing the SEC can presently do. The latest suggestion by media is to change the rules to require stock holding periods. That is indeed what institutions have historically done when they get cornered – they attempt to change the rules.

Major trading platforms including Robinhood, TD-Ameritrade, E-Trade, Fidelity and others all experienced prolonged outages amid recent days’ GameStop/short squeeze mania in the markets. That prevented the purchase of popular stocks during critical moments due to excessive trading volume overwhelming their systems at the market’s open, according to reports. It seems that even the systems themselves were not designed for efficient use by the masses. Instead, they operate best when fewer people hold power.

Conversely, META 1 Coin’s systems are designed for Humanity to participate and build abundance. Using a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) platform enables META 1 to process higher volumes of transactions than NASDAQ at faster rates of speed. Secure Party Creditor status and Private Non-Statutory Trusts enable jurisdictionless transactions to hedge against rule-changing powerbrokers. A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) powers META 1, which enables greater protections against single points of failure. And a gold-backed digital asset combined with smart contracts – META 1 Coin – provides greater stability and growth potential than non-backed crypto.

Each passing day in the evolving world we are living in demonstrates the META 1 Coin proof of concept in more ways. Thanks to the visionary leadership of META 1 Coin Trusts’ Executive Trustee, Robert P. Dunlap, systems are in place to capitalize on these latest trends and bolster opportunities well into the future.

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