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Bitrue (BTR) vs META1 Coin Ecosystem – DeFi Heavyweights Face-Off

Bitrue and META 1 offer the crypto market a glimpse into the future of blockchain networks. Both of these platforms combine a blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi services, and an exchange to provide users an all-inclusive experience. They may look similar, but to the trained eye, there are some key differences to notice when comparing Bitrue (BTR) vs META 1 Coin ecosystem.

What is Bitrue (BTR)?

Bitrue is an established exchange and DeFi ecosystem. The platform offers a variety of digital assets and management services to the market. Users can easily trade, buy, and sell popular cryptocurrencies using this hybrid exchange.

Bitrue combines aspects of DEXs (decentralized exchanges) with CEXs (centralized exchanges). It’s become very popular since its launch. The network was hacked in 2014 and has remained secure since then. Today, Bitrue has more than four million active users.

What is META 1 Coin?

The META 1 Coin provides users with a stable and reliable store of value. META 1 Coins don’t suffer from the volatility that most cryptocurrencies experience. The token derives its value from a basket of gold-related assets. These assets appreciate over time which makes META 1 one of the first self-appreciating stablecoins to hit the market.

Gold-pegged coins have an advantage over their fiat counterparts. For one, fiat-pegged tokens experience the same inflation as fiat currencies. The last two years have seen massive printing by governments around the world. As such, fiat currencies are on the brink of hyperinflation. META 1 provides a better option to build wealth.

What Problems was Bitrue (BTR) Built to Alleviate?

Bitrue wants to simplify entering the blockchain sector. The developers put a lot of effort into making the network as easy to use as possible. The process begins with a user-friendly interface and a lot of helpful supportive documentation. This interface provides one-step buy and sell options.

Along the same line of thought, Bitrue supports a wide variety of fiat currencies. The network supports eight fiats including the USD, EUR, GBP, HLD, and more. Users can also choose to load their accounts using a credit card.

Bitrue provides high interoperability to the market. The network leverages the Solana and Cardano blockchains. Both of these networks provide low fees. As such, there are no wire fees of USD wire transfers from the network.

What Problems was META1 Coin Built to Alleviate?

META 1 was built to give the average user a fighting chance. The developers recognize the skewed nature of the financial sector. META 1 provides users access to low-risk passive income streams and store of value assets to protect their wealth.

The developers integrate a flexible fiat onramp into the network. The Onramper portal supports over 50 fiat currencies in +100 countries. This strategy enables META 1 to provide its services to the global community in an open manner. Notably, only individuals can own or trade META 1 Coins.

The programmers banned corporations and governments as a way to protect the decentralization of the network. In the past, these users have been known to buy up assets to take over control of a network. They can then conduct harmful activities such as pumps and dumps. META 1 coin users avoid these risks because the network blocks whales from selling their coins under token value.

How Does Bitrue (BTR) Work?

There are multiple aspects to Bitrue’s business model. The primary service of the network is its exchange. This secure and responsive hybrid platform integrates commercial-grade security, specifically, 2FA and cold storage wallets. Additionally, the developers state that 99% of all funds remain in cold storage. On top of these measures, the platform has an insurance policy against hacks.

Bitrue users can earn rewards using the platform’s P2P lending feature. This DeFi service relies on large liquidity pools that provide users the opportunity to take short-term loans based on lenders’ criteria. Notably, the lending pools and the liquidity mechanisms ensure that lenders receive repayment even if the borrower is late.

Bitrue’s Power Piggy staking protocol enables anyone to secure passive income without the need to sell their assets. BTR token holders can stake their tokens with ease. BTR is the native utility and exchange token for the Bitrue network. Users receive discounts when they pay exchange fees with BTR.

How Does META1 Coin Work?

META 1 provides a unique combination of low-risk DeFi features to the market. Unlike Bitrue, the META Exchange is non-custodial. This designation means that you can trade your tokens directly from your wallet. Non-custodial exchanges remove the main draw for hackers because there are no large wallets filled with users’ crypto to steal.

META 1 Coin users can secure passive rewards in multiple ways. One of the easiest ways to earn 10% APY is via the META savings account. You can also use the network’s staking mechanism. Both of these options allow you to retain full control over your assets while you earn.

Another cool feature that makes META 1 stand out is its VISA debit card. When you swipe it, the funds from your crypto account get sold and the fiat sent to the vendor you are paying. The process happens in seconds and you can spend your crypto anywhere that accepts VISA on and offline. META1 Coin users enjoy appreciation, passive income, high performance, convenience, and security.

Bitrue (BTR) vs META1 Coin Ecosystem – A New Champion Emerges

Bitrue provides users with a reputable and established exchange and DeFi network. The protocol’s focus on creating a hybrid environment for users has paid off greatly. In comparison, META 1 provides a variety of features that are not available anywhere in the market yet. Additionally, the token’s developers created the project with a divine purpose, to free humanity from the grip of centralized bankers. For that purpose and more, META 1 beats out Bitrue.

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