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META 1 Coin Report: Exchange Your Digital Assets For META 1 Coin

With all the news about Bitcoin, Ether and increasing numbers of new cryptocurrencies, it can be challenging to decide what is the best vehicle for one’s financial growth. The incredible rise in the value of Bitcoin has drawn attention from former skeptics and naysayers at a pace that no one would have imagined ten years ago. And yet, there are numerous aspects about many digital coins that are important to consider when evaluating one’s options.

Bitcoin is mined using systems that utilize massive amounts of electricity. The impact on the global carbon footprint continues to grow at an exponential rate. The Proof of Work (PoW) system that Bitcoin relies upon requires computational work by networks of systems which is inherently intensive. However, META 1 Coin is based on the more efficient Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) system which relies on staking coins rather than energy-intensive mining systems.

Other aspects worth considering include the fact that many cryptocurrencies are not backed by any assets, often have a non-fixed/increasing supply, and are highly speculative and volatile. Whereas META 1 Coin is an asset-backed digital currency that is backed by gold. META 1 Coin smart contracts gradually add the value of newly acquired gold assets to the fixed number of coins in circulation to facilitate reduced volatility and stable value growth.

META 1 Coin is also part of an eco-system of related financial systems known collectively as METANOMICS. These include the META Investment Bank, META Exchange, and META Card. META 1 Coin’s systems are also built upon open-source code. META 1 Coin holders benefit from this suite of financial offerings, whereas most other cryptocurrencies do not offer a comparably robust set of offerings.

META 1 Coin Trust is also a socially conscious enterprise. We are strong believers in the power of META 1 Coin to advance abundance and freedom for Humanity. As a private coin operating on a private exchange, META 1 seeks to protect civil liberties and the right to privacy. META 1 Coin Trust is also a frequent and outspoken critic of excessive government regulations and mainstream media propaganda, often litigating against their abuses and holding them accountable on behalf of the crypto community.

When you exchange your digital assets for META 1 Coin, you are partnering in the advancement of social justice along with the pursuit of financial growth. While META 1 Coin values are subject to market conditions, its smart contracts provide the potential for greater stability than many other digital coins. Since only Humans are authorized to purchase META 1 Coin, high volume corporate trading is absent from the platform. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of exchanging your digital assets for META 1 Coin.

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