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META 1 Coin Report: A Complete Guide On Why You Should Choose META 1 Coin

The recent rise in cryptocurrency values has undoubtedly attracted newfound interest among prospective coin buyers. With so many digital coin options available, it can be challenging for one to choose which coins are best to add to one’s crypto wallet. While there are many promising crypto projects, META 1 Coin has many advantages over crypto coins in the marketplace that would encourage coin holders to choose it over others.

META 1 Coin was developed by META 1 Coin Trust’s founder Robert P. Dunlap. It is part of a financial eco-system that includes META Exchange, META Investment Bank, and META Card. The META 1 platform was developed in response to the failures of the old financial system that has enslaved Humanity for far too long. META 1’s financial system is based on driving abundance, equity and freedom for Humanity.

META 1 Coin Trust is a private non-statutory trust and secured party creditor. It has held the line against government overreach by actively defending against encroachments upon civil liberties and privacy. This crypto project was inspired by the great women and men who fought valiantly for freedom throughout history. Rather than allow their struggles to be in vain, META 1 believes it is our duty to stand up in the face of oppression.

META 1’s infrastructure offers superior liquidity, security and scalability. By leveraging the use of peer-to-peer architecture with decentralized blockchain technology, META 1 has built a platform that preserves honor and facilitates wealth creation. Unlike most digital coins, META 1 Coin is asset-backed by gold and includes smart contracts that facilitate greater stability and gradual growth. META Exchange can transact hundreds of times faster than older financial networks. Both the coin and exchange are private, global and operate beyond the jurisdiction of any particular Federal or State agency.

Since META 1 Coin was designed to benefit Humanity, only living, breathing Humans are authorized to purchase it. Non-human entities, such as corporations and other institutions may not purchase it. All new accounts are verified via KYC (Know Your Customer) processes to ensure that only Humans are performing transactions on META Exchange. This lack of high-volume institutional trading also helps provide greater stability.

META 1 Coin Trust has assigned $8.8 billion in gold reserves and other assets to the fixed number of 1 billion META 1 Coins. This fixed supply of coins provides a greater potential for value growth over time, as compared to digital coins that continually increase supply. META 1 Coin is a private token and a replacement for sovereign currency – not a security.

META 1’s blockchain is based on the highly efficient Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) protocol that is faster and more environmentally friendly than the older Proof of Work (PoW) system used by Bitcoin. PoW requires significant consumption of electricity from crypto mining systems to validate new blocks of transactions, whereas DPoS relies on a democratized form of staking coins.

Being a part of a private, socially conscious crypto project like META 1 Coin that leverages advanced technology that promotes stability and growth provides advantages that many other digital coins do not offer. These are strong reasons to choose gold-backed META 1 Coin for your crypto wallet.

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