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META 1 Coin Report: What Is META 1 Coin And How It’s Empowering Humanity In Today’s Era

If you are new to the META 1 Coin Report blog, then welcome. This blog covers information about META 1 Coin, as well as news and views covering topics at the intersection of cryptocurrency, blockchain, regulations, media, freedom and abundance.  You may have questions about what is META 1 Coin. The whitepaper on the META 1 Coin website includes a comprehensive overview on this subject. We highly recommend you review it.

For those who do not have time to read the whitepaper, the following is a summary which may be helpful. META 1 Coin is a unique cryptocurrency in many ways, as compared with many other digital coins available for trading. META 1 Coin is an asset-backed private coin traded on a private exchange. Unlike public coins and exchanges which are registered and/or regulated by government agencies, META 1 Coin operates globally beyond the jurisdiction of any local Federal or State agency. Only Humans are permitted to be META 1 Coin holders and all new accounts are verified via KYC (Know Your Customer) processes to ensure no institutions are making purchases.

The reason for this approach is that META 1 Coin was created for the benefit of Humanity, therefore only living, breathing Humans can own it. Institutions, also known in legal terms as corporate fictions, have closely held the levers of power, influence and wealth throughout recorded history. META 1 Coin was developed to counter that dynamic by empowering individuals with the potential to build wealth without interference from non-human entities. By limiting its private coin purchases to Humans, META 1 Coin Trust is empowering Humanity with abundance and freedom.

Corporations and government agencies have long appeared to be actively involved in building economically viable societies. Yet, history has often shown otherwise. Companies have conspired to vigorously promote the idea (to unsuspecting consumers) that a materialistic, luxury lifestyle is the key to happiness, regardless of one’s ability to afford it. Their often-predatory practices have encouraged unrestrained, highly leveraged spending on depreciating goods using credit cards and loans which charge double-digit interest rates, while most banks’ savings accounts pay a paltry fractional interest to account holders.

This failed system was developed with the cooperation of governments, banks and companies who sought to profit from Humans who were consequently led into a form of financial enslavement. Humans have taken on crushing debt and payments that have led to financial ruin, as was seen during the Great Recession of 2008. They have often remained in low paying jobs with stagnant wages, facing high expenses and minimal opportunities to build wealth.

META 1 Coin Trust seeks to facilitate the dawn of a new era where Humans can break out of this cycle of financial enslavement and regain dignity and honor. By advocating for Humans to lead a lifestyle that encourages entrepreneurship, savings, wealth building and only using debt to purchase appreciating assets, META 1 is on the forefront of leading the world toward abundance and freedom.

While those same institutions have financially enslaved Humans for their own gain, they have also sought to regulate and control attempts to break out of this cycle. META 1 Coin Trust is a private non-statutory trust which does not acknowledge contract enforcement attempts from agencies beyond their jurisdiction. By retaining our honor during these attempts from agencies and their media mouthpieces that attempt to slander us personally and professionally, we push back against their attempts to restrict civil liberties and invade financial privacy.

When Humans buy META 1 Coin on our private decentralized exchange (DEX), they are buying a private token that is not a form of regulated currency, commodity nor a security. It is a private token that serves as a replacement for sovereign currency. Since META 1 Coin is backed by gold, unlike most crypto coins, fractional parts of newly acquired gold assets are gradually added to META 1 Coin values to facilitate the coin’s growth. The coin value is ultimately impacted by fluctuating market conditions.

As META 1 Coin potentially appreciates over time, this will empower Human coin holders with greater opportunities for wealth so that the world can live in greater abundance and freedom, without the undue influence of non-Human entities.

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