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META 1 Coin Report: A House Divided

The events of January 6th, 2021 will never be forgotten. A segment of President Trump’s supporters, upset about courtroom-rejected claims of voter fraud, scaled the walls of the US Capitol in Washington DC and entered the hallowed halls of Congress in the first mass breach of its doors since British troops entered in 1814.

The scenes, broadcast live on cable television news channels, were chaotic and unsettling. The loss of life that ensued during the incursion highlighted the gravity of the situation. Hours later, the US Capitol was secured, and President-elect Biden was officially certified by Congress as the next President of the United States. President Trump issued a statement shortly thereafter, pledging to leave the White House on January 20th and committing to a peaceful exchange of power, while continuing to defend his claims of voter fraud.

The unrest in Washington DC, along with what was witnessed across America in 2020 following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, displayed the deep divisions in America across the political spectrum. These events evoke the admonition of President Abraham Lincoln: “A house divided cannot stand.”

To address any issues in life, it is critical to examine matters at their source. Ultimately, a sense of injustice exists at the core of civilian unrest. And when people feel like their needs aren’t being met consistently, many will often violate their values in an effort to advance or achieve these needs.

As rational beings, we know that aggression and violence aren’t long term solutions to solving problems. Yet, regardless of political views or nationality, people in all countries have historically been driven to unfortunate acts when they feel consistently wronged – regardless of the validity of their feelings.

These points highlight the critical importance of understanding and addressing the fundamental needs of Humanity. META 1 Coin Trust has been dedicated to stripping away the fictional character affiliations of governments that classify and divide people based on citizenship and status, and instead we refer to people in the simplest, unifying form as Humans.

Civil unrest automatically dissolves when there is a unifying desire among Humans to peacefully communicate, understand and resolve differences. Going a step further, when Humans experience a deep sense of abundance, equity, freedom and trust in the systems we are taught to respect, then harmony and unbounded prosperity are possible.

When Humans experience life through the lens of limitations, control, and distrust, then enmity and competition for resources – including competing for a sense of justice – become the focus of attention and usually result in diminishing returns for everyone in society. This is why the potential of cryptocurrency and META 1 Coin are so promising. For the first time in history, we have a chance to move beyond a zero-sum mentality. This is also why traditional levers of power such as agencies and banks have recoiled and fought harder than ever to retain control of their power, as they witness it melting away with each passing day.

As Humanity continues to widely adopt crypto, the massive abundance potential of META 1 Coin and other coins will serve to boost the unity and wealth of Humans globally. The more Humans who buy digital coins, the higher the coins’ values will rise, and we will have each other to thank for our mutual enrichment. Even if agencies try to stop or slow down the natural evolution of this progress and eventual widespread abundance, they will be overpowered by the stream of masses determined to seek financial freedom, justice and peace.

Until then, we hope for a brighter future, where Humans of all beliefs and backgrounds can respectfully disagree, allow each other’s voices to be heard and live together in harmony as we strive to better our lives.

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