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META 1 Coin Report: Humanity’s Choice: Part 1

Between the moment we are born and when a government agency issues one a birth certificate, we exist purely as a Human. Once we are given a name by our parents and registered as born, we are granted the status of a citizen. In legal terminology, this status is known as a fictional character, much like how a corporation is a legal entity referred to as a corporate fiction, since it is a non-natural, contrived state of existence that serves as a means of engaging in legal contracts.

When we engage in legal contracts with our government – which functions essentially as a State corporation – we are bound by the civil and criminal laws that we automatically accept by virtue of being registered as born with a nation’s jurisdiction. Criminal statues exist as the most basic form of ensuring peaceful coexistence within nations. Civil statues ensure the protection of financial interests to encourage a productive and profitable way of life.

Yet, when it comes to government agency’s enforcement of civil statutes, modern day regulatory overreach can create some unintended negative consequences for law-abiding citizens. Therefore, the value and simplicity of removing oneself from the fictional character system of the State corporation is profound. 

There is a remedy within the body of law to perform this process – namely returning oneself to the status of Human – known as Secured Party Creditor. This process has always been available. The compelling reason for engaging in this process is choice. Having choices in life is another way of referring to freedom.

Consider the choice of selecting one’s jurisdiction vs. being forced into a jurisdiction that has been shown to be very corrupt at times. This is a very important choice and one that every freedom loving Human should strongly consider.

When you think about it, the concept is very simple, and it represents an evolved form of governance. It represents governance with a choice, instead of government by force.  The U.S. was founded upon values of liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness, which is why it has historically been a light unto the world when it comes to democracy and opportunity. In recent times, however, there has been a disturbing shift in the governance of this great nation.  The U.S. Corporation’s citizens have witnessed actions by the State that are reminiscent of Stalin or Mao in the establishment of a new form of censorship and control.

This corporate censorship has been especially severe for anyone who opposes very questionable elections and/or questions a financial system that discriminates against all except a few of the elites.

Indeed, there are many dynamics that make many law-abiding Humans wonder about the direction this nation is heading. For example, one can see a legal system with so many criminal laws that each American can easily commit three felonies in the course of daily life. Prisons are full and massive. We see a legal system that is corrupt and only favors the State. State produced media control the narrative of all. State surveillance is conducted upon all citizens 24/7 with no legal merit. Citizens are guilty and have to attempt to prove themselves innocent just to accept a lesser charge. It appears we do not have another choice and the only choice now has become rotten.

(This is Part 1 of a two-part series. Stay tuned for Part 2!)

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