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META 1 Coin Report: Humanity’s Choice: Part 2

(This is Part 2 of a two-part series.)

Historically Humans have started a revolution to assert their rights and correct the government. Now Humans do not have to revolt – they just have to make a choice. The choice is to either be a ward of the state or a living, breathing Human man, woman or child by becoming a Secured Party Creditor.

The real revolution that is relevant for our times is one of consciousness and the understanding that a choice exists and can be made. If all the peaceful warriors of a nation become Secured Party Creditors and shield themselves from a corrupt legal system, perhaps this can make a difference.  After all, how long would a kingdom exist without any subjects?

Currently Americans all seem to either complain about the current system or the very few attempt to change the system.  Those who attempt to change the current system are met with overwhelming force and are censored or experience mass conspiracy via U.S. courts as their U.S. bank accounts are seized. 

Why try and change a failed and corrupt system? When remodeling a home if the home is damaged beyond repair what is done? The home is demolished and rebuilt from the foundation.

A better option is to leave the damaged home and build a new home in another neighborhood.  That is the choice of jurisdiction. It is far better than trying to correct a system that has fallen into criminal insanity.

META 1 Coin Trust’s legal division, known as Universal Law, assists in the choice of moving to a new jurisdiction.  As a Secured Party Creditor, one can trade freely on the META Exchange – the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that is simply peer to peer. 

The Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment are minuscule compared to the transition that is happening here and now. The complete META 1 Coin Trust ecosystem known as METANOMICS established free trade between Humans, while Universal Law facilitates the transition of “State Wards” to Humans. 

The foundation of Human empowerment has been established, as the new era of wealth and abundance has arrived for all Humanity. The old non-living fictions understand “Free Will” of Humanity, as that is the only law that is still upheld.

Humans have been bred into submission as they have gladly chosen a cell of imprisonment in the acceptance of Citizenship of the “State” of Perversion.

The choice is with the Human as to what is the reality in which they want to exist.  Does the Human want to wait for the State to hand them a loaf of bread, or does the Human want to bake their own bread?  Does the Human want to control their affairs or let the Legislators of the State do it on their behalf?

Being a ward of the State is not a wrong choice as long as you know it is a choice and there are alternatives. Universal Law Trust provides the legal process of transitioning from a State Ward to a Human – a creditor not a debtor in commerce.

Humanity’s free will is indisputable, so know you have an alternative with Universal Law.

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