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META 1 Coin Report: Lazy Journalism Can Lead to Libel: Part 2

(This is Part 2 of a two-part series. Click here to read Part 1.)

We take attempts at libel very seriously and consult with our legal counsel when false and defamatory claims are publicly reported about META 1. We encourage readers to critically question any unfounded reports on media websites about us or any other subject.

Examples of this lazy approach to journalism include using the word scam – especially – in headlines, to attract attention. As the saying goes, it takes one to know one. The scam of malicious articles parading as legitimate journalism deserves a government investigation on par with the way agencies go after crypto projects. Given the track record of these agencies, we won’t hold our breath on them taking bold action against slanderous journalism.

Instead, we prefer to call out examples of poor journalism for readers of this blog to be aware of, as we also consult with our legal counsel about potential grounds for libel against media organizations who make unfounded claims against us. Today it is against META 1 Coin Trust, though another legitimate crypto project could be the next target tomorrow. We are happy to push back against pseudo-journalists and publications on behalf of not only ourselves, but also for the crypto community.

Further examples of one recent article’s poor attempt at journalism are too numerous to mention without rambling on. The following are a few key points. An opinion piece on a news website should be labeled as opinion or commentary – not labeling it as such gives the impression that an article is a statement of fact. It is laughable that one would call our whitepaper worst in the world when a news website itself is worst in the world for its poor reporting. Referring to our story as becoming stranger is interesting when the countless assumptions they publish with no sources or evidence is even stranger.

Claims that our exchange is not accessible are false. Our exchange is not a public exchange like Coinbase that anyone can sign up directly on our website. META Exchange is a private exchange and if one wishes to open an account, they can contact us via our website and after we respond, they can go through the process of signing up. Falsely claiming that we scammed anyone out of their money without any evidence can itself be grounds for libel and we hope that such malicious claims are removed from that article.

Describing our offerings as nonsense, bogus and personally attacking the reputations of META 1 Coin Trust Executive Trustee, Robert P. Dunlap and Nicole Bowdler, with unfounded false statements further demonstrates the malicious nature of this reporting. Making further predictions about what will happen next (and using statements such as what is very likely to occur next) with government agency actions against META 1 Coin, or any crypto project, again with no evidence, is just reckless.

So-called journalists and news websites that publish malicious hit pieces that include these kinds of statements are the real scammers, selling clickbait stories for ad revenue when readers are expecting genuine news stories. Essentially, they serve as mouthpieces for the SEC, publishing anything that supports the agency’s positions without question. In their eyes, one is guilty until proven innocent.

At best, this is lazy journalism, by not putting in the effort to publish a fact- and evidence-based objective news story without superlatives that show bias. At worst, this is part of a pattern of malicious libel that meets the 5-part legal definition to win a case: it was published, META 1 and its founders were directly identified, the remarks were defamatory toward reputations, the published information is false, and the publisher and journalist are at fault.

We hope the publisher and author will remove this false story to save us all time and money from legal actions, though we are fully prepared to move forward if it is not retracted in a timely manner. They clearly read this blog and will recognize what has been pointed out without us giving them unnecessary additional publicity by stating names. META 1 Coin is dedicated to truth, freedom and abundance for Humanity and we will not accept these unfounded attacks against our reputation as we work toward the betterment of the world. We encourage readers of this blog to keep in mind the false narratives of articles such as these on other news websites and question them before accepting their false, unfounded claims as true.

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