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META 1 Coin Report: META 1 Coin Trust’s Unique Legal Status: Part 2

(This is Part 2 of a two-part series. Click here to read to Part 1.)

META 1 Coin is a unique cryptocurrency that was inspired by the brave women and men throughout history who stood up for what they believed in for the benefit of Humanity. The coin is not a security and META 1 Coin Trust is not a bank. META 1 Coin is a private digital token that serves as a replacement for sovereign currency. We are a global cryptocurrency project that operates beyond the jurisdiction of any particular State or Federal regulatory agency.

Regulators and their legions of so-called news websites and blogs that serve as their collective mouthpiece are trying very hard to form a narrative that noncompliance with non-jurisdictional regulations means that a project is a scam – it is not. The deceptive intentions of these regulations and those who write in favor of them are scamming the public into thinking they are actually looking out for their well-being when in fact they are seeking to control others and make themselves look good.

They also want you to believe that if an agency files a lawsuit against a crypto project then that automatically means the project is at fault – again, not true. We believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. An entire revolution was fought over these legal freedoms in 1776. We are not about to forget that.

A party that does not recognize the jurisdiction of a lawsuit does not have to respond to a suit. Regulatory noncompliance does not violate any criminal statutes, no matter how much anyone tries to insinuate otherwise. It is not fraud nor is it unethical. In fact, noncompliance of unjust restrictions on personal liberty represents a higher level of ethics and honor. Sure, more lawsuits could follow, but the party being sued always has the option to retain its honor and not acknowledge these attempts to impose a contract beyond legal jurisdiction.

We believe that the greatest days are ahead of us. Crypto offers an opportunity to level the playing field for the first time in human history. META 1 Coin is unique in that it is gold-backed and may only be purchased by living, breathing Humans and not institutions. Our mission is to help drive abundance and freedom for Humanity.

But let’s not kid ourselves. This abundance and freedom will not arrive with the agreement of those who have historically held the reins of wealth and control. Entrusting your crypto on an SEC-blessed public exchange that won’t give you private keys to your wallet will not give you true freedom, no matter how many haters publish uninformed articles or how many enforcement actions or judgements are filed. Conforming with unjust civil regulations is like playing blackjack at a casino where you are guaranteed to lose. The casino may look and feel normal and fun at first, until you realize you have lost everything in the process.

This is why META 1 Coin Trust is compelled to operate as a Secured Party Creditor with a Private Non-Statutory Trust. We are jurisdiction-less and do not respond to agencies’ contract attempts in courtrooms that are rigged in favor of their cohorts, as META 1 Coin is a private coin offered on a private exchange. Our unique legal status (which we also set up for our coin holders) enables us to stand up for the values we believe in. While the path we take presents challenges and there will undoubtedly be more challenges we face along the way, we are confident that our determination will facilitate great opportunities for Humanity to climb to higher levels of prosperity.

Ultimately, our hope is that over time, as META 1 Coin flourishes, that it too will be widely accepted without scrutiny as other coins, and we are grateful for the coin holders who have joined us on this journey that has recently begun.

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