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META 1 Coin Report: A Liberty & Privacy Utopia

With so many public cryptocurrencies and exchanges, the private structure of META 1 Coin and META Exchange can appear unusual to the untrained eye. Our emphasis on freedom and abundance for Humanity may seem unique as compared to Bitcoin, Ether and other popular mainstream digital coins that seem to be more focused on serving as stores of value and private forms of value transfer. Yet, the concerns we have had about governments’ invasions of personal lives and finances are not unique to META 1. Countless people share these concerns and new projects are actively finding creative new ways to pursue similar missions to META 1 Coin.

Once such project, known as Utopia, launched a peer-to-peer ecosystem that is designed to eliminate surveillance and censorship. According to its website, the Utopia platform was built out of “fundamental respect for, and protection of, individual freedom and liberty online.” The team behind it remains anonymous and goes by the name 1984 Group. They consider themselves “networking technology enthusiasts who can no longer just stand by the sidelines watching what is happening in the present world and seeing how the basic values of freedom in our society are being eroded.”

The Utopia platform includes several unique features such as the ability to anonymously self-host censorship resistant websites, a crypto exchange that allows users to register without providing any form of identification, and it does not track IP addresses. Their decentralized exchange permits automated withdrawals with no limits, and they offer a file sharing server, a forum, and a private digital currency known as Crypton (CRP).

Their website states, “When you use Utopia, Big Brother is no longer watching you. With Utopia, you are able to bypass online censorship and firewalls, meaning that you are free to communicate with whoever you want, whenever you want. Freedom of speech is guaranteed by Utopia.” Given that so much of our activities online are tracked, monitored and sold as part of “big data” for advertising purposes, it is especially important to safeguard one’s privacy and freedom. Platforms like Utopia will likely flourish as more people realize how much surveillance occurs on a daily basis.

META 1 Coin Trust has been committed to advancing civil liberties with our private METANOMICS financial eco-system as well. Offerings as part of our platform include META 1 Coin, META Exchange, META Investment Bank and META Card. As a gold-backed cryptocurrency, META 1 Coin benefits from greater potential stability given the elevated consumer confidence that gold has historically attracted.

As a private coin offered on a private exchange, META 1 protects the privacy of its coin holders. META 1 Coin Trust is a private non-statutory trust operating as a secured party creditor, and we are a global jurisdictionless project. We regularly challenge overreaching attempts by government agencies that infringe upon civil liberties. As we actively fight for the freedom to conduct private transactions without outside interference, our work is focused on benefiting Humanity as well as defending the rights of META 1. We are encouraged by other crypto projects who also stand for liberty and privacy as this highlights the importance and widespread support of our work.

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