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META 1 Coin Report: Restoring One’s Honor

In theory, the law and courtrooms are designed to provide equal protection and treatment for all. In the United States, one is considered innocent until proven guilty. We are judged by a jury of our peers, and while no system is perfect, justice has been served well enough to sustain democracy and modern society.

Nevertheless, anyone who has been in the unfortunate position of being a defendant in a civil legal case (for example, involving claims of regulations violations), knows that the experience often does not feel just. When accusations are made against someone, there is often an air of condescension that exists, as government agencies and the legal system initiate a case based on the innate contract that exists between a citizen and the government.

There is an assumed contractual obligation and liability that exists which many citizens do not usually think about until a claim is brought against them. The implied dishonor that the system places upon the accused exists in spirit as well as in the manner which the defendant is compelled to act under these situations to defend him/herself in court. It is assumed that a contract exists and therefore a perceived violation of a regulation inherently brings the defendant into perceived dishonor for personally being in a state of assumed violation – even though the law considers the defendant officially innocent until a judgement is issued by the court.

However, there is another path that one can pursue which restores one’s honor in civil law proceedings. By returning one’s status to that of a living, breathing Human, instead of engaging as a fictional character such as a citizen, one can argue a case from a position of strength instead of weakness. The process to achieve this advantage makes one a master of one’s destiny, instead of being a slave to the system.

This involves undergoing the Secured Party Creditor process and forming a Private Non-Statutory Trust. As a Secured Party Creditor, one regains the status of a Human, absent any fictional character status, where one operates beyond any jurisdictions. The Private Non-Statutory Trust is a legal entity that enables anonymous transactions that protect one’s privacy and dignity.

Universal Law, META 1 Coin Trust’s legal services division, now offers these solutions to the public. Previously, only META 1 Coin holders benefitted from these legal services. For more information about Secured Party Creditor & Private Non-Statutory Trust, visit the Universal Law website:

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