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META 1 Coin Report: The Speed of Change: Part 2

(This is Part 2 of a two-part series. Click here to read Part 1.)

The recent rapid rise in what have been dubbed meme stocks shows how a community can quickly coalesce around an idea and take action, causing massive market effects in ways that would have taken years or decades in prior generations and eras. As the viability of these efforts have proven themselves, this has led to efforts to coalesce around other instruments of value.

For example, just over the recent weekend, a new Telegram app channel formed with the intention of focusing on buying XRP, the cryptocurrency released by Ripple which is defending itself in a case by the SEC. XRP was at about $0.30 per coin in prior weeks and more than doubled over the weekend to $0.65 per coin, before dropping sharply afterwards. The Telegram app allows channels to include a maximum of 200,000 users and this group swelled to near that maximum number within 2 days of being formed.

Further evidence of the rapid acceleration of connectivity can be seen in the recent silver commodities frenzy. Individuals decided to form a group to buy silver and over the same weekend, all major online silver dealers sold all of their inventories and were only accepting orders for future deliveries. Silver-related ETFs rose rapidly and some believe gold may be next.

The influence of popular figures has further added momentum to these rapid mass movements online. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has gone public with his support for Bitcoin, which has driven mass interest in the original crypto coin, as well as other coins.

These recent developments are hardly a fad. They are the inevitable outcomes of the intersection of advanced technologies and the needs of modern society. To succeed in this new world will therefore require a shift in the way society has traditionally operated. In the past, we were taught to take our time to evaluate options carefully before making decisions. While that is a helpful approach to manage risk, it also leaves many people out of fast-moving developments.

There is a more effective way to manage risk during these changing times. One should first decide how much money can be accepted as a potential total loss if an investment doesn’t work out for some reason. One should perform due diligence as quickly and accurately as possible about an opportunity and take action with just enough money that one is comfortable with. Accepting that mistakes and downturns can happen will soften any potential blows along the way. Ideally, the upside potential can be unlimited if the right opportunity is identified.

We are no longer in the slow-paced era of river steamboats and telegraphs where we can wait to decide if an opportunity makes sense or not. By the time we’ve decided, prices can escalate rapidly and potential gains can be missed.

Given the rapidly broadening interest in capital growth, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies, META 1 Coin, a gold-backed cryptocurrency, is positioned to benefit most. As new underlying gold assets are purchased by META 1 Coin Trust, fractional values of newly acquired gold are added via smart contracts to the value of META 1 Coin, which facilitates growth in coin value, subject to market factors.

META 1 Coin’s smart contracts add these increased values gradually, to provide stable growth and reduce volatility. Further stability is enabled due to the fact that non-human entities like corporations and other institutions are not permitted to buy META 1 Coin. Since META 1 Coin is a coin designed for Humanity, only Humans can buy it.

META 1 Coin Trust follows Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines which include reviewing all requests to open exchange accounts where the Human status of account holders is verified. As a private exchange that sets up accounts with Secure Party Creditor status and as Private Non-Statutory Trusts, the METANOMICS ecosystem of META 1’s financial products is jurisdictionless and global.

The current speed of adaptation will certainly leave many people out of potential gains, especially those accustomed to longer cycles of change. Mitigating risk and taking faster diligent action will be required to reap the most benefits of this rapidly accelerated pace of financial change. META 1 Coin is positioned to serve the accelerated pace of our modern world and we invite you to contact us to learn more.

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