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META 1 Coin Report: The Pursuit of Abundance

At META 1 Coin Trust, we often talk about our social mission of driving freedom and abundance for Humanity. These are very important values to us, as they are keys to fulfillment in life. Societies that restricted civil liberties or limited individuals’ potential for growth have consistently failed to thrive. While this is true with respect to clearly autocratic nations, we also see elements of the pain and suffering felt by many in more subtle instances. These cases highlight the important role that crypto in general and META 1 Coin specifically can play to alleviate Human suffering.

For instance, while there are developing nations where poverty remains rampant, many who live and work in prosperous western nations struggle to earn a consistent living or work in culturally toxic environments. To illustrate this further, a recent news story highlighted the plight of junior bankers at finance giant Goldman Sachs who publicized that a 100-hours per week work schedule was regularly expected of them.

Testimonials of 20-hour work shifts and grueling conditions were relayed to management, and ultimately leaked onto social media, drawing attention to these inhumane practices. According to one of the junior bankers, the toxic combination of high levels of stress, sleep deprivation and poor treatment from Goldman’s senior bankers was “arguably worse” than his childhood under foster care.

When we think of driving abundance, we often associate it with having more money. However, true abundance is much more than just money. It also represents an improved quality of life, being treated with respect and dignity, and having time to enjoy life. Of course, there is usually less societal concern for junior bankers who have earnings far beyond those living in poverty, but the point is that the need for abundance is felt by a wider swath of people than one would initially think.

The exciting potential of cryptocurrencies is that they are accessible to people from a wide spectrum of socio-economic backgrounds. One can purchase a fractional amount of a coin, rather than having to purchase the full value of some highly priced coins like Bitcoin. As coin values increase over time, the financial stability of the coin holder grows as well, enabling one to have more options in life.

One of the main benefits of META 1 Coin is that it is an asset-backed digital coin which translates to a greater potential for stability and growth than comparable non-backed coins. It is backed by gold, which has historically been a stable store of value through up- and down-market conditions. As META 1 Coin Trust acquires new gold assets over time, fractional value equivalents of these new assets are gradually assigned to the coin’s value via smart contracts. This dynamic can potentially provide freedom and abundance for previously poor or overworked coin holders seeking opportunities to build wealth and live life on one’s own terms.

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