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META 1 Coin Report: Tools of the Wealthy

There is an old expression which historically has had a negative connotation: the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer. However, there is also a deeper lesson to be learned from that statement as well. Namely, if one examines the habits of those who are wealthy, one can benefit from greater potential wealth in the long-term by emulating them. This begs the question: what is it that the rich are doing that is helping them get richer?

Some of the habits of wealthy individuals involve greater self-discipline than many would expect. When some think about the lives of the rich, visions of large homes, luxury cars and exotic vacations often come to mind. While there are certainly members of the ultra-rich who enjoy more lavish lifestyles, the reality is that most millionaires live a more frugal life that is below their means. This disciplined approach to life allows them to preserve and grow their wealth, rather than watch their money vanish by spending it on depreciating assets.

This approach contrasts with the materialistic mentality that pervades and financially enslaves modern society. We are bombarded from an early age with mass media advertising that heavily promotes the idea that happiness is tied to acquiring material possessions and engaging in conspicuous consumption. The wealthy have attained abundance by resisting this temptation and have consciously decided that it is better to have money work for them and retire early than for them to spend excessively and work an entire life.

Since excessive spending often compels one to work more, the alternative approach is to spend less, save more and become financially independent. The growth of one’s savings can provide an emergency fund/cushion and enable investments to earn interest and/or grow in value. The impact of compounding interest and reinvesting dividends can also help grow one’s savings exponentially over the years.

Beyond personal habits, the wealthy are also very resourceful and utilize tools to gain as much leverage as reasonably possible. Among the countless tools they specifically use in financial matters are trusts.

A trust is formed when one transfers property or something of value to a legal entity for the benefit of someone. This legal entity can be useful when one wishes to transfer value without taking on the full liabilities associated with using one’s personal identity.

As it is known, the identity of a citizen (also known as a fictional character) is automatically acquired when one is issued a birth certificate following birth. This status as a citizen has numerous benefits, though there may be times when it is more advantageous to engage in commerce as a living, breathing Human devoid of the fictional character of a citizen.

By undergoing a Secured Party Creditor process and forming a Private Non-Statutory Trust, one can regain this status as a Human for the purposes of civil law. These legal tools are no longer just available to the wealthiest members of society as in the past. Now, one can emulate the successful habits of the wealthy and utilize these legal tools at a nominal fee, thanks to Universal Law.

Universal Law, META 1 Coin Trust’s legal services division, now offers these solutions to the public. Previously, only META 1 Coin holders benefitted from these legal services. For more information about Secured Party Creditor & Private Non-Statutory Trust, visit the Universal Law website:

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