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META 1 Coin Report: Stable Coins Provide Less Volatile Option for Crypto Investors; META 1 Creates a Unique One with a Gold Twist

When many people hear the word cryptocurrency, they automatically think Bitcoin. That’s understandable since it was the first token to hit the scene and it continues to be the most valuable.

However, that short-sightedness and focus on Bitcoin has led many to ignore other cryptos that are just as good to invest in and trade. An example are Stable Coins.

Here, we’ll discuss how Stable Coins are growing as viable options in the crypto space. We’ll also detail the efforts of a relatively newcomer to offering Stable Coins. That crypto outfit is META 1.

What’s So Stable about This Coin?

Stable Coin derived its name from a pretty simple premise. Stable Coins are considered to have lower volatility because they are typically backed with a stable asset.

Then there’s the matter of investors who want to keep their assets in the crypto space, but they are worried about the costs. However, no fear. As noted by Benzinga:

“Stable Coins are useful for investors who want to keep their assets in the crypto space. Switching from crypto to fiat currency can be expensive and time consuming. Stable Coins give investors the best of both worlds — a stable asset within the crypto space with an advantageous transactional speed.” 

META 1 Makes Moves to Rise above the Fray

The team behind the META 1 coin has strategized to make sure it is a standout in the Stable Coin space. This entails creating a new category of Stable Coins that offer a more stable, democratic, decentralized and scalable solution.

This new category features what META 1 calls an Appreciating Stable Coin (ASC). These are asset-backed, smart digital tokens that appreciate via high-yield trade investments and are not based on gold spot price. This coin has a published asset value it cannot be sold for less than the asset value. All business aspects of the operation of the ASC are embedded into the META Blockchain by smart contracts.

The Asset Backed Digital Token has a market value. The market value is higher than the asset value and can fluctuate as per the supply and demand of the coin. When the market value is higher, the Appreciative Stable Coin has a larger market cap and liquidity. This makes way for a stable and appreciative environment.

The META 1 Coin Trust includes in-ground and vaulted above-ground gold assets that will be assigned as needed to facilitate the stable digital asset. The META 1 Coin Trust places gold assets in low-risk high-yield trading platforms that can produce a monthly cash flow. This cash flow will be integrated with the META 1 Coin via the Appreciation Smart Contract.

Returns of roughly 4% to 6% will be added to the Coin Appreciation Smart Contract. META 1’s team believes its approach will allow for more growth potential than tracking gold spot prices. As monthly trading income will be assigned to META 1 Coin, value appreciation will happen independently of gold prices and will be calculated based on META Investment Bank’s capabilities and returns. The team at META 1 set out to create a crypto for novice and expert investors and traders who were fed up with traditional financial institutions. Members of the team knew that in order to go the crypto route, they would have to gain the trust of potential investors and traders.

It created the META 1 Coin Trust with the vision of offering a more stable, democratic, decentralized and scalable solution. In its White Paper, it is stated that:

META 1 Coin provides participants with the liquidity of gold. The combination of the liquidity with a massive increase in valuations is the best perspective by design of META 1 Coin.

The team chose gold as the ideal commodity to secure its META 1 Coin. It was created to be a smart, witnessed and collateralized digital coin.

META 1 Coin also features what the team refers to as an “added asset assignment functionality to the META Blockchain.” This was done to allow for its assets to be readily verified while creating new opportunities for monetization and liquidity.

Why Gold?

Some investors may scoff at META 1’s move to use gold to back its Stable Coin. They are skeptical about the possible depreciation of the asset, for example. Recognizing this, the META 1 team took careful consideration into selecting the best asset to back its coin. It settled on gold.

A major catalyst META 1’s Stable Coin efforts entailed the 2020 G7 summit. The team has made clear its disdain for corrupt agencies that have failed the world. After the summit, META 1 saw that the goal of these corrupt outfits was no longer hidden.

META 1 set out to provide an alternative, with its focus on Humanity driving its efforts.

In its White Paper, it is stated.

Central banks intend to control crypto so they can release their own digital coins and have an upper hand in the marketplace. These efforts are why META 1 Coin operates under a Private Irrevocable Trust created by a highly Secured Party Creditor. META 1 Coin Trust does not accept contract attempts by lower-level jurisdictions.

META 1 Coin Trust was designed for Humanity and no nation has jurisdiction over Humanity. The unprecedented upside potential of the META 1 Trust design has been recognized and has made way for global impact

Stable Coins Keep Gaining

In conclusion, it’s clear that Stable Coins will continue to make gains in the crypto space.

Because Stable Coins have a fixed value, their values should not fluctuate often, as Bitcoin and others do, Benzinga notes.

Although this fixed price range is often tied to the US dollar, there are also currencies fixed to different price indices.

Benzinga notes:

Since Stable Coins can be fixed to almost anything in theory, there are Stable Coins fixed to multiple fiat coins and even to precious items like gold or silver.

META 1 recognized this early on and, and its team continues to develop features for its coin to attract investors and traders.

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