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META 1 Coin Report: Top NFT Markets to Check Out in 2021

Non-Fungible tokens are one of the fastest-growing crypto sectors. These tokens are unique in that they can represent nearly any individual asset. As such, they provide powerful opportunities to developers and collectors alike. Today, there are NFTs worth millions of dollars.

Alongside this rise in value came an increase in the number of NFT marketplaces. These exchanges cater to the unique demands of collectors. For example, it’s normal for an NFT exchange to show the scarcity of a certain NFT. This listing is vital because NFTs derive value differently than traditional cryptocurrencies. In many instances, especially when dealing with art NFTs, the level of personal connection to the piece can play a crucial role in its final sales price.

Finding a dependable and secure NFT marketplace can seem like a daunting task. There are dozens of these exchanges in operation currently. Luckily, you can save yourself time by sticking with these platforms. Here are the top NFT markets to check out in 2021.


Opensea is one of the top-performing NFT markets in existence. The platform is considered a pioneer in the sector because it was the first peer-to-peer NFT marketplace to go live. The network has managed to retain its top spot by providing a simplified NFT trading experience to users.

The easy-to-navigate interface enables you to find vital data on NFTs such as sales volume, listing history, and previous owners of note. There are also other statistics on each NFT depending on the type and style of the token. Currently, Opensea provides a massive selection of NFTs. There are +4 million tokens listed on the platform at this time.

Opensea provides top-notch liquidity to the sector. Its one of the largest NFT markets to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. Uniquely, users can make the seller an offer. If they accept, you can save on the listing price. If you’re not into bargaining, you can also buy the item directly similarly to a buy it now options on eBay.


Rarible is another NFT marketplace that is worth checking out. The platform specializes in Ethereum-based NFTs, specifically ERC-721 tokens. The protocol creates a custom smart contract for each NFT project that enables content creators to track the printing and replication of digital artworks.

Rarible is extremely popular among artists. Impressively, the platform host over 20,000 creators at this moment. One of the most unique aspects of Rarible is that it is community-managed via a decentralized governance mechanism. Users can stake the platform’s native token RARI and vote on vital upgrades to the market.

Content creators can also add NFC trackability to prints they already possess. Rarible uses a smart contract to ensure that only those who have purchased the NFC contracts can print your works. Best of all, Rarible was built from the ground up with simplicity in mind. Anyone can find valuable and rare NFTs or create their own using the interactive interface.


Those seeking high-end NFTs should consider checking out the SuperRare marketplace. This platform provides services similar to Rariable but with a far more exclusive artist acceptance policy. Each artist must undergo a rigorous approval process to ensure they meet the network’s quality standards. SuperRare investors should be prepared to spend a bit more as many of the projects are single-edition digital artworks.

Additionally, SuperRare provides users access to a vibrant community of artists, collectors, and like-minded individuals. You can use the network dashboard to see all relevant data on your NFTs including their scarcity, history, and origin. Enthusiasts can always find unique pieces on this market.

One of the best artist-centric features of SuperRare is its built-in royalties smart contract protocol. Every time a SuperRare NFT is sold, the content creator receives a commission. This strategy provides content creators with extra incentives to become a part of the network.


MakerPlace is another high-end NFT art market that continues to see rising popularity. MakerPlace takes a different approach in that it allows artists to publish their NFT artwork for a fee. This strategy has helped the platform accumulate a lot of unique pieces quickly.

MakerPlace supports the creation, trading, and collecting of valuable NFT artworks. Artists are able to establish permanent proof-of-ownership for each of their creations. They can also issue unique additions to expand their collection and cater to more exclusive collectors.

MakerPlace content creators enjoy extra protections as part of the developer’s strategy. They can track their digital artwork and ensure that no unauthorized copies are being sold. This process is accomplished via the integrations of a digital signature applied by the content creator.

Art Blocks

Art Blocks is a completely different type of NFT marketplace. Unlike the competition, your art is made directly before your eyes. It was the first programmable on-demand generative content NFT platform to enter service and is the most popular at this time.

The system enables users to make style selections and other choices regarding their art. The digital painter will then create a brand new print that is original to you. You can also select randomly generated content if you feel lucky. When the painting is complete, you must decide if you want to purchase it, which will make it an official NFT, or if you want to create another one.

Each NFT is built using an immutable generative script that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform also offers a native NFT collection. This 200 NFT collection is both rare and highly sought after in the market. Lastly, there is a section called the artist playground where you can showcase your creations and trade with others in a peer-to-peer manner.

More NFT Markets in the Works

The NFT sector is just heating up as more platforms seek to enter the space. One such project with the potential to shake things up is META 1. The developers behind this all-inclusive DeFi ecosystem announced this month that they are in the final development stages of a native peer-to-peer NFT marketplace. This news would improve upon META 1’s already impressive selection of functionalities and provide collectors with another high value, secure, and reputable option to consider.

Top NFT Markets for 2021

Finding the best NFT market doesn’t have to be a choir. Stick to the platforms on this list and you’re sure to find some very rare collectibles to add to your selection. The NFT market has shown no signs of slowing down. As such, the demand for these tokens continues to increase. Find all the best NFT collectibles and more using the markets on this list.

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