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Top Reasons to Join the Crypto Revolution

Top Reasons to Join the Crypto Revolution

Now is the best time ever to join the crypto revolution. The technology and industry as a whole continues to mature. Today there are more projects and opportunities as governments and large firms now look towards these digital assets as the answer to their inefficiencies and corruption. Here are the top reasons why it’s time for you to join the crypto revolution.


The word freedom gets thrown around a lot today but what does it really mean. Freedom, per a dictionary, means the lack of restrictions. Now can this term be applied to the current centralized financial system? The idea of calling our centralized and highly controlled monetary system as free seems laughable using this description.

However, the concept of freedom can still apply to digital assets like Bitcoin. There are projects in the market today, such as the META1 Stablecoin that take Bitcoin’s concepts and expands on them with innovative wealth generation systems and community governance. In the world of cryptocurrencies, it’s common for the community to have full control over a project via a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization.

Community governance provides users with the ability to make crucial decisions regarding a network’s development, fees, and features. These systems are now becoming a standard in the DeFi (decentralized finance) sector due to their transparency and effectiveness at keeping communities happy and involved.


It would be hard to find a better opportunity than cryptocurrencies in the market in terms of performance and history. Digital assets like Bitcoin continue to see new all-time highs. Crypto has proven to be an excellent store of value and a wise move for anyone seeking out new wealth generation strategies.

For example, the META1 Coin enables users to secure passive rewards across multiple services without the need to sell their tokens. Users can open a network savings account and secure 10% APY on deposits. They can also choose to stake their META1 coins to earn more rewards. Both of these options provide low-risk income streams to the public.

More Efficient

Another reason that cryptocurrencies should already be on your radar is the fact that the technology is more efficient. Anyone who has sent money internationally can tell you it’s expensive and slow. These delays are the result of a variety of factors including a combination of regulatory systems and financial checks which create high fees and delays.

Cryptocurrencies like the META1 Coin can be sent globally in seconds. Cryptocurrencies utilize blockchain technology to transfer value internationally in a frictionless manner. As such, there has been a huge increase in the use of cryptocurrencies in countries that rely heavily on remittance payments. Recently, El Salvador recognized Bitcoin as legal tender.

More Democratic

Cryptocurrencies provide a more democratic financial system to the world. These networks enable anyone to see transactions and wallet balances via explorers in real-time. Users operate as network nodes. In the most popular networks, its users that approve transactions as miners in a Proof-of-Work (PoW) network or stakers in Proof-of-Stake (PoS) systems.

Those who participate and do their part to keep these networks functioning earn rewards. These rewards used to be only for the centralized systems. Now regular users have the opportunity to earn passive rewards helping keep blockchains safe and efficient.


It’s much easier to use cryptocurrencies versus the centralized financial system. For example, even opening a bank account can be a real pain and not possible for many people in the world. Your local bank will require a lot of identification, as well as your financial history before they approve you gaining access to the most basic financial necessities.

In comparison, you only need to download an application to join the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Most systems enable you to participate in their services and features simply by connecting your wallet. This approach opens the door for billions of unbanked users to gain access to wealth creation methods and opportunities.

Another perfect example of how cryptocurrencies simplify the average user’s life is P2P lending systems. If you were to go into your bank and request a loan today, there is no guarantee you would get it, even if you meet the collateral requirements. The currency financial system is filled with gatekeepers who can deny your loan for any reason including personal grievances.

The introduction of DeFi lending platforms provides a viable alternative to the status quo. Users can interact with large lending pools to gain instant access to funding purely based on the collateral requirements. Additionally, lenders can profit on their digital assets and earn rewards contributing to these lending pools. As such, DeFi lending is one of the fastest-growing options in the market.

It’s About the Future

The real lesson behind cryptocurrencies is that the people have the ability to regain control over their financial future. These networks provide users with a variety of ways to improve their holdings and streamline activities. Additionally, the introduction of NFTs adds another capability to the market. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can represent any real-world or digital assets.

NFTs have found use in the art community, real estate, and the gaming sectors. Notably, there are NFT artworks worth millions in circulation today. Additionally, developers continue to simplify the process of creating and issuing these digital tokens. These factors, coupled with a strong push by the gaming sector, have made NFTs one of the hottest crypto topics of the year.

Welcome to the Crypto Sphere – Let’s Get To Work

Now that you have a better understanding of some of the main reasons why you should join the crypto revolution, it’s time to do your part. Participating in the market is simple and fun. You can join as a trader, HODLer, developer, user, or a person down for the cause. As such, your mission is to start spreading the word and helping to promote crypto services and projects. Your reward will be a better financial future with more opportunities and freedom. Do you accept your mission?

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